Public Relations

Are you keen to gain media coverage but don’t know how?

Do you have a great story to tell that will boost your brand and your sales?

Wondering why your competitors are in the press, but not you?

Not sure what PR is and how it fits into your marketing plan?

Having a great reputation is key to gaining sales and growing your business.

Good news stories in the media – whether that is local, national or trade press, both online and offline and broadcast – will raise your profile and increase your client base and your sales.

How we work

At Word Worker, we are experts at drawing out those good news stories and getting them placed in the media.

As former journalists, we know the angles reporters are looking for. So, if you are sitting on a great story then we can help you tell the world about it.


PR Strategy

  • We analyse your current PR activity
  • We look are your target market – who are they, and what media do they engage with
  • Deliver you a comprehensive PR plan which dovetails with your marketing strategy
  • Guide your public relations activity throughout the year, raising your profile and bringing your business the attention it deserves

Press Releases

  • We uncover the stories that will interest the media your audience engages with
  • We write and issue news-style press releases, which get the attention of the right journalists in online, offline and broadcast media
  • Gain you FREE editorial coverage which is picked up by your target audience which you can go on to share on social media
  • Analyse and report back on coverage gained so you can measure the ROI

PR Crisis Communications

  • If you need to keep something out of the media, or some bad news has been published, we can advise you on PR crisis management
  • We’ll talk to you about what to say, what not to say and when to say it
  • We’ll draw up statements for the press
  • We help mitigate any negative impact, so your brand can quickly recover from the fallout

What makes a good news story?

The media is always looking for stories. It’s a win-win: you are helping them to fill their pages and their newsfeeds and they are helping you by publicising you and your brand.

Here are just some ideas for press release – do any of them apply to you?

  • Your origin story – the media loves people stories and you may have a great tale to tell
  • Something new – new product, new location, new staff
  • An anniversary or a milestone
  • Supporting a good cause or charity
  • Accreditation, like an ISO
  • Events
  • Expert comment on a news topic
  • Warning or a reminder that everyone needs to know about
  • Piggybacking on client news or awareness days

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many stories we can find in your business, that you didn’t even know were newsworthy. That’s the benefit of working with experienced journalists – we pride ourselves on being newshounds.
If you’re sitting on a great story, don’t be shy. Let us help you get your news out and start building a great reputation for you and your brand.

We work with businesses in Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Why not get in touch to see how we can help put the ‘PR’ into your PRoactive communications plan?

"Working with an experienced and deeply knowledgeable PR expert like Jo is a pleasure. Her ability to align her journalism with her customer’s key target audiences and business objectives, and make suggestions for the best placement of articles, is a highly-prized skill.”

Cheryl Crichton – Watertight Marketing master practitioner

Want to talk about raising brand awareness? We’d love to chat