Word Worker press release

Jobseeker and mum-of-one Carla Hinton has so impressed the bosses of leading Swindon recruitment agency Field, where she went for a work placement, that she’s landed a position at the company.

Carla’s is just one of many success stories from TBG Learning, provider of the Government’s Work Programme scheme in Swindon to help long-term unemployed people back into work.

Field Recruitment works closely with TBG Learning and has taken on several candidates for four-week work placements in their own offices. But they were so pleased with Carla they’ve given her a job as an administrator at their Commercial Road headquarters.

Carla, from Swindon, was referred to TBG Learning by the Job Centre because she had been out of work for more than six months. TBG Learning worked with Carla to help her improve her skills, by given her access to employability courses, as well as help with maths and English.

She said: “I had done a few different jobs, like catering assistant and bar work, but I couldn’t find something that would fit in with my childcare. I was given a four week placement with Field and I’ve really enjoyed it. I was over the moon when they offered me a job.

“TBG Learning have been great because they really supported me and gave me the confidence to know I could get a job I enjoyed.”

Emma Ryder, Field Recruitment’s Operations Manager, said Field has given several work placements to TBG Learning candidates.

“I would highly recommend it to other employers. We are helping upskill people to get them back into employment and at the same time we have an extra pair of hands to help us,” she said.

“All the work placement candidates have been great, but Carla was exceptional and we are delighted that she is now working with us.”

Helen Saunders, Sales Manager with TBG Learning, said: “Field Recruitment have been a massive support to TBG Learning over the last four years, supporting us to prompt clients’ confidence, motivation and work skills and giving clients the insight to working within a very busy office. Emma and her team have also given our clients the opportunity to upskill their knowledge and to find out if administration is the job they thought it was.”

“Emma has also been exceptionally supportive in being part of the customer service courses TBG Learning run. Emma and her team, give the course an overview of what customer service roles are like, expectations of what employers are looking for and also offering all clients a proper one-to-one interview.”