Word Worker press release:

A mortgage adviser is on a mission to overhaul the public’s attitude to the finance industry and is enlisting help from a new online streaming service to do so.

Danny Matthews, based just outside Swindon in South Cerney, has worked in financial services for ten years – as a mortgage adviser for the last two – and he wants to change public opinion about the sector.

He’s now launched a monthly, live show on a new streaming service, BLAB, where he’ll interview other business people in related sectors and where viewers can ask questions and get helpful information.

As part of a two-pronged attack, Danny – who goes by The Actual Danny online – is also trying to persuade fellow advisers to become more approachable and to build trust with the public, through more effective use of social media. He’s set up a website to help them, called Advisers Edge Media.

“People working in banking, financial services or insurance are in the least trusted industry in the country and given the financial crisis of a few years ago, it’s not surprising,” he said. “I really want to do something about it and it’s in our hands to take action. The way the world communicates is fundamentally changing, whether we like it or not. Social media is the perfect way to be transparent, so people understand we can be trusted.”

Danny started his career working in private medical insurance. He had a spell in recruitment, then went back into PMI and protection. In 2014, he became a mortgage adviser, and now trains fellow advisers through Total Mortgage Network.

His BLAB show will include interviews with an independent financial adviser, a lawyer and a property lettings agent, all as part of his plan to provide a helpful service.

He’ll steer away from talking about mortgages other than to provide general information and educate listeners on popular housing and mortgage subjects, due to regulations governing how advice is given.

Danny said: “I think concerns over staying compliant with regulations are what put off a lot of people working in the financial sector from using social media. But I see it as a conversation and helping people in all areas. The Financial Conduct Authority regulations in this area give us the perfect opportunity to give value without promotion. People don’t necessarily shop where they socialise.”

Danny’s BLAB show is on the first Wednesday of the month, 7-8pm, and can also be viewed later as a podcast. For more information about the BLAB show and Advisers Edge Media, visit here.