Word Worker press release:

A talk entitled ‘Fine Tuning Your Instinct for People’ will be delivered to Swindon networking group Business Village at its meeting on March 3.

Avril Porter, who runs HR consultancy The Human Resource, will deliver the presentation at the group’s weekly breakfast meeting. Avril will look at how business people use their instincts to assess others and how they can hone the skill to better serve their company.

“In my profession, human resources, there’s great emphasis on not taking any notice of your gut feeling about people – especially when you’re interviewing,” said Avril. “But the times when I’ve ignored my instinct or intuition, that’s when I’ve made mistakes. And I believe we can all improve our people instincts quite considerably by challenging them, and reviewing afterwards whether or not they were right.”

 The event will include breakfast and the opportunity to network. Business Village meets each Thursday for breakfast and networking at The Campanile Hotel, on the Delta Business Park, Swindon, from 7.30-9am. The group charges no membership fee, just £10 per visit, and all are welcome. To book, visit www.businessvillage.org.

For more information about The Human Resource visit www.thehr.co.uk.