Why not reboot your blog writing for 2019?

Hands up who enjoys blog writing. We do and probably quite a lot of you do too. OK, this one’s a bit harder to answer: hands up who enjoys blogging regularly. That’s a bit trickier. Because to keep up a blog, on a regular basis, takes time, commitment, inspiration, and dedication – and, heaven knows, […]

Give your writing a cooling off period

When you’re copywriting, it’s an idea to distance yourself for a short time, so that when you go back to it you do so with a fresh pair of eyes – and can proofread it more accurately. Some time ago, while shopping with my children, I saw a scarf I liked in a clothes shop. […]

Business networking: what’s all that about?

Word Worker blog: this appeared first on Born Again Swindondian Ask a non-business owner what marketing is and they’ll probably reply “advertising”. Or, if you’re lucky, “sponsorship and advertising”. Of course, advertising and sponsorship can and do form part of a marketing plan. But one very important element of business marketing, particularly for business owners […]