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Schools across the UK are being given the chance to save thousands of pounds to redirect into cash-strapped areas, like employing more staff or buying equipment, thanks to an IT solution being launch this month in Wiltshire.

Cloudhappi’s solution, which is being showcased to schools at an event in Devizes on September 28, has already saved one Wiltshire school academy trust £10,000 this year, allowing much-needed funds to be redirected towards staffing and pupils.

King Alfred Trust in Pewsey has saved the money across its two sites – Pewsey Primary and King’s Gate Primary, in Amesbury –  by refreshing its IT, combined with a faster and more cost efficient broadband and filtering solution, powered by Netsweeper. It now has a modern IT solution, using faster internet speeds, with the security and resilience demanded by banks and government agencies.

“In a poll, schools across the board cited budget pressures as their number one problem, followed by recruitment and retention of teachers,” said Nigel Jones, Pewsey-based Managing Director of Cloudhappi. “Cloudhappi offers a solution to both, by saving schools money which can then be spent on employing new teachers. It saves teachers time, improving their working conditions and therefore aiding employee retention.”

“Schools have been very poorly served by the IT sector. A large majority of schools we have spoken to have been poorly guided, provided with poor service, poor quality products, poor quality support and charged a premium for the privilege!”

School business managers, trustees, governors and head teachers from across Wiltshire have been invited to the launch, on September 28th at Devizes Corn Exchange. Booking can be made via Eventbrite. For more information email, call 0845 834 0300 (option 4) or visit