Press releases are the ideal way of getting your news in front of your audience.

We write excellent press releases, which include all the information a journalist will need to publish the story. And we write them to fit perfectly with each publication’s style, so they can be posted and printed with little or no editing – a gift to a busy journalist.

We have written hundreds of press releases for dozens of clients. And while there is no guarantee they will be published – after all, we are asking for them to be used as editorial, not paid for advertising – we can’t think of a single occasion when a release wasn’t published in at least one or two places.

Press releases can multitask. Once they have been sent to the relevant news outlets, you can post them on your own website, blog or LinkedIn profile. And you can use them for social media, to drive traffic back to your website.

Here are links to just a few of the many, many press releases we’ve written and issued for clients:




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We can write, issue and monitor the coverage of a press release for you. Or, for a more cost effective option, we can write the release, then hand it to you to send out.

Not sure what makes a good press release? Come and chat to us. You’re almost bound to have something newsworthy, but you may not have realised it.