Did you know that every year we are celebrate, among other things, Mad Hatter Day, Frappe Day, Bathtub Day and Porridge Day?

If these unremarkable events had gone over your head, then you may still have  spotted the frequency of other national awareness days and weeks which pop up all the time – Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Fair Trade Fortnight and so on

But have you thought about why we have them? They’re not like Easter or St Valentine’s Day, which have been around for centuries. What’s the purpose?

The answer’s simple: PR. On the whole, these awareness days, weeks and months are generated by organisations or charities hoping to promote their cause and, by launching an awareness event, they get the opportunity to do just that.

The media will give many of these events coverage, so there is scope for you to get a bit of PR yourself, if a relevant day is coming up.

Here’s how. If you’re a local business, charity or organisation, you can put a local spin on a national awareness event, which will make the whole thing more attractive to your local press.

Have a Google for relevant awareness events and then think about what local or regional spin you can add which will get publicity for you as well as for the event itself.

If you provide a ready-made story to your local media they’ll be delighted, if you get some coverage for the awareness event in question the organisers will be delighted and, if you bag yourself some free editorial at the same time, you should be delighted too.

So, if you’re a chocolatier be aware that it’s currently National Chocolate Week and if you’re a restaurateur it’s National Curry Week too