Word Worker press release:

A 30-year-old roofing company has relocated to Swindon and marked the move by investing in four new Toyota PROACE vans.

Kennet Roofing moved from Hungerford to Rivermead last September, to premises three times the size, and with easier access. The site is more convenient for the staff and the directors, most of whom live in Swindon.

The company was taken over ten years ago by Lyndon Jack, it has 35 people on the team and all employed roofers are given a van. The new vehicles have been provided by Fish Brothers Toyota, based in nearby Churchward Park.

Lyndon’s wife and fellow director Carol said: “We moved to Swindon because we and most of our roofers live here. Our new premises are not only much bigger, there is much better access and more room for storage. We are even setting up a gym for our staff to use after work.

“Four of our vans were a very high mileage so we decided to replace them with the Toyota PROACE vehicles, which we’re very happy with.”

Kennet Roofing works only with developers of residential new-build homes and the white vans will remain unadorned by branding.

Andrew Crosby, local business development manager with Fish Brothers Toyota, said he was delighted to help Kennet Roofing with their van requirements.

“The PROACE is used by a lot of companies in a similar type of business to Kennet Roofing, but it’s unusual that they aren’t branded. I’ll be able to spot them, though, as we managed to get sequential number plates – from PXK to PXN.”

For more information about Fish Brothers Toyota vans visit www.fish-bros.co.uk/toyota, or email Andrew Crosby on andrew.crosby@fish-bros.toyota.co.uk.