Client news: putting a new service online is a great topic for PR for Eight Interactive

Business owners keen to harness the power of video blogging in their marketing can now access online, on-demand training.

Eight Interactive, which creates video and digital content for businesses, has taken its Video Implementation Programme – or VIP – online.

“I had run the first Video Implementation Programme face-to-face in March, just before lockdown,” said Pam Jones, Managing Director of Eight Interactive, based in Swindon. “The feedback was really good and I was planning another two programmes for 2020, but of course all face-to-face training then had to be put on hold.”

Pam spent several weeks turning VIP into an online resource, with – of course – all the material based around video training.

The programme comprises 19 lessons varying in length from a few minutes to just under half-an-hour. There is additional supporting material for many lessons such as worksheets, templates, checklists, tips and lots of how to’s.

The lessons cover topics including how to avoid making hundreds of takes, essential equipment, writing a script which sells and getting camera confident.

There are three distinct sections – planning, filming and editing. By the end of the course each delegate will have completed the planning for at least 12 videos, and have filmed and edited one or more.

“The material is released over a three week period – although some people may want to complete the course more quickly, while others may want to take longer – and delegates then have lifetime access,” said Pam.

“It’s aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs looking to make regular video blogs that are targeted around keywords, which will be posted on their website and key social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn – like a blog but in video format. Vlogs are designed to be evergreen and to showcase the company’s expertise and professionalism, so very different to quick videos on social media platforms that are in the moment.”

Statistics reveal the power of video as a marketing tool. Some 93% of brands say they get a new customer because of a video on social media, while video is 50% more likely to get organic ranks in Google than text results.

Pam added: “It’s important to remember that poorly made video can actually harm your brand, so it it’s essential to get it right. On social media poor quality video may be acceptable but on your website, not so much! You wouldn’t send a professional letter on a scrappy piece of paper so why would you do the same with your videos on your website?”

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