Word Worker press release

With Older People’s Day on the horizon, one pensioner who hasn’t let her age and disabilities get in the way is keen crafter and baker Evelyn Parsons, who’s raised thousands of pounds for charity over the years.

Older People’s Day, on October 1, celebrates the skills and achievements of older people, and to acknowledge the contribution they make to the community.

Evelyn, 67, from Yate, needs daily support from homecare provider DoCare, but she still manages to help a range of charities by selling all her craft products and baked goods, either through her church – Gateway Elim Church – or at craft markets.

She knits, crochets, sews and makes cards. And now that standing up and baking is too difficult due to her poor health, she enlists the help of the DoCare support workers to cook for her while she gives directions from a chair in her kitchen.

“I’ve always loved doing craft and baking,” said Evelyn, who lost her husband John in 2013, but has a close family of two children, three grandchildren and a great granddaughter. “I was an occupational therapist for many years, but I gave that up to run a catering business and John used to help me.”

Sharon Sheppard, team leader in Yate for Stroud-based DoCare, said she and the team enjoyed helping Evelyn with her baking.

“Evelyn does a huge amount for charity, and we’re really pleased to be able to help her,” said Sharon. “She’ll sit on the chair and tell us what to do. It usually turns out pretty well – although one of the other support workers did produce a rather lop-sided chocolate and coffee cake once!”

For more details about Older People’s Day, run by the Age Action Alliance, visit www.ageactionalliance.org.  For information about DoCare, visit www.docare.co.uk