Word Worker press release:

Swindon telemarketer Liz Tremblay will be combining her work and psychotherapy skills when she starts a year-long placement at a primary school.

Liz, an account manager for The Business Generation Group, will spend one day a week at a school in Bath working with children. The placement is part of a psychotherapy diploma she is taking with the British Counselling and Psychotherapy Central awarding body. The placement begins this month, but the school has yet to be confirmed.

Liz needed to undertake a placement as part of her qualification, and decided on a school setting as she’s interested in supporting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

“I’ve always been fascinated by psychology, and this prompted me to start the course,” she said. “But I have found it has brought huge benefits to my job as well. Working in sales, it has helped me to really learn to listen to people effectively, and not just listen to people’s words but to understand the message behind them. There are strong parallels between counselling skills and sales training techniques.”

Liz hopes eventually to set up a private counselling practice, which she can combine with her role at TBG Group.

Martin Dugan, who runs The Business Generation Group, based in Milton Road, said they were happy to support Liz. “We’re delighted when our staff have external interests and always willing to help. The course Liz is taking is helping to develop her business skills, so there is a direct benefit to TGB Group and our clients.”