Word Worker press release

For Guildford woman Claire Williams, living with illness was part of everyday life.

Plagued by back problems, fatigue, kidney and bowel issues, doctors could not find the cause of her symptoms, and alternative therapies – including acupuncture and homeopathy – provided only temporary relief.

Then a friend persuaded Claire to try healing, and she has never looked back. Regular sessions were life-changing for Claire, so much so that she became a healer herself.

Some 25 years later, and now in excellent health, Claire is organising a UK date for renowned channel and healer Jhadten Jewall.

Canadian-born Jhadten travels the world delivering life- workshops and will be running his latest, called ‘Walking in the Lightness of Being’, in the beautiful surroundings of RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey on October 8 and 9.

Claire, who first experienced Jhadten’s healing powers in 1999, said: “I found that first event of Jhadten’s I went to very special, and very powerful. He had a very high connection with the group, channelling a new level of energy through each of us. The work he does is very advanced, and he transforms people’s lives.”

Claire has gone on to attend many of Jhadten’s UK workshops. A former publisher of a mind, body and spirit magazine, she also set up Paradigm Shift Events in 2010 to run events like Jhadten’s Wisley workshop.

Jhadten has more than 20 years’ experience as a spiritual teacher, and for his workshops he combines his training in crystal healing, shamanism, vibrational healing, and sound healing.

His workshops are ideal for those familiar with meditation or healing, and for those who want to expand their consciousness and develop a deeper connection with spirit. The UK workshop will look at the way people are being challenged on many levels – socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

He said: “This workshop was born out of the need to address the issues that arise from these challenges, including how we create social equality, how we trust that we will be economically safe and sound, and how we bring meaning and joy into every moment of our incarnation.”

For more information and to book to attend the Wisley workshop, visit www.paradigmshiftevents.com.