Podcasts are turning our client, Sarah Archer, into a worldwide phenomenon – and their success was a great topic for a press release

Podcasts created by a Wiltshire entrepreneur to help business people hone their presentation and storytelling skills are now being downloaded in more than 40 countries and across every continent.

The podcasts by Sarah Archer – an author, actor and stand-up comedian, who coaches business people to help get their message across using storytelling and humour – are now reaching the ears of thousands from her home-based Royal Wootton Bassett office.

Sarah began her free, weekly podcast, called The Speaking Club, six months ago and more than 30 episodes later she has covered topics ranging from confidence to public relations, and being funny to avoiding being forgettable. Some podcasts just feature Sarah, and in others she has a guest expert.

“I am a big fan of podcasts, I love listening to people like Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and Lewis Howes, and they have really helped me on my business journey,” said Sarah. “They are a great way to get insight and education while you are getting on with something else – walking, cooking, even having a bath!”

“I decided to create my own podcast partly as a way of building my brand as a coach on storytelling, humour and public speaking, but also to give business people an insight into how these things can help them get their message heard and paid attention to. One of the most popular is episode three on How to Create a Killer Elevator Pitch, which lots of people have said has helped them create theirs.”

Sarah’s podcasts are now beginning to attract big name guests, including bestselling author and Professor of Psychology, Richard Wiseman and Michael Hauge, Hollywood script consultant and Will Smith’s storytelling coach.

As well as offering one-to-one and group-based coaching to business owners or to teams of corporate professionals, Sarah is about to launch a one day bootcamp on business storytelling in Swindon, with the first ones planned for May 17 and May 24 at the Campanile Hotel, West Swindon.

“The podcasts are one way of learning, and the bootcamp is another,” said Sarah. “The bootcamp – called Stories that Sell – will help business owners work out their target customers’ real pain, their key objections, and how to tell the story of their business in a way that connects with their pain, overcomes their objections, and converts them into sales.”

Sarah is also the author of two books on public speaking: Cracking Speech Mate and Straight to the Top.