It’s not always easy to think of new and creative ways to gain publicity for your business.

If you’ve no obvious innovations to shout about, or other milestones which would make the basis of a good press release, you could be left scratching your head.

But if you look beyond your immediate business, at what’s going on in the UK or even internationally, you could find some inspiration.

Coming up is one of the biggest and most obvious events to hang a bit of PR on – Christmas. We bet that with a little lateral thinking, whatever your business you could somehow link it to Christmas and come up with an interesting and newsworthy press release.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Do you run an IT business? How about a press release on how companies should put their IT in order before the Christmas break – back-up info, have an on-call system for emergencies etc
  • Do you work in credit control? Try issuing a press release to remind businesses to factor in the Christmas break when invoicing
  • If you’re a webmaster, you could send out a press release advising businesses to back up their sites before the Christmas break
  • If your products could be Christmas gifts, get a press release out ASAP
  • Run a matrimonial law firm? How about advice on dealing with break-up over Christmas
  • Are you are an accountant? What about tips on getting finances ready for the calendar year end.

Not all press releases will hit the spot with the media. Some will be published, online, offline or both; some will never see the light of day. But copy is never wasted, because you can:

  • tweak your press release and turn it into a blog to post on your website, then
  • tweak that blog and post it on LinkedIn, then
  • push the copy out on social media and attract your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook followers to your website.

It’s been said that one piece of copy can be cut 800 ways. Well, maybe not that many but nonetheless a press release or blog is multifaceted.

So, we started by talking about Christmas and what a gift that is to public relations. Stop and think how you could make this work for your business. And make it your New Year’s resolution for that piece of PR to be the first of many that will enable you to raise your business’s profile.

Stuck for a PR idea? Please get in touch with Jo Smyth, at Word Worker, and we’ll mull over a few options together.