Visiting a new client this week, they confessed they’d taken down their blog because they’d not been able to keep it up-to-date.

Rather than get cracking on blogging, and popping some fresh copy on their website (and Google, as we all know, loves fresh copy) they took the blog down completely.

I thought this was a shame. I see the logic, but it’s a bit like an unloved pet. You get your dog/cat/hamster/miniature pig and enthusiastically nurture it. You feed it, you walk it (where necessary), and you play with it.

Then the novelty wears off, you lose interest and the once-loved pet is no longer ticking the boxes.

Worse case scenario, you take it to an animal rescue charity or dump it on the streets! Actually, I am sure none of you would do this, but some people do. Last year the RSPCA rescued 25,000 animals during the Christmas season – shocking isn’t it?

The alternative, of course, is to ask someone else to help out. If you’re busy, you could use the services of a dog walker, or a pet sitter.

A blog is no different. If you haven’t the time to spend on it, then ask someone else to help. One of our services is blog writing for our clients; we can draft them from scratch, we can write up you sketchy notes into something sensible and fit for purpose, or we can edit and grammar-check your copy. We’ll be helping this new client get their blog back on track.

So if you have a dusty and unloved blog sitting on the corner of your website, don’t abandon it. Ask for help and give it a new lease of life.

For ghost blogging or advice on getting started with blogging, please get in touch with me, Jo Smyth, at Word Worker.