About us

Word Worker is a PR and copywriting agency founded by journalist Jo Smyth.

Jo Smyth, of Word Worker
Jo Smyth, of Word Worker

Jo began her career as a cub reporter back in the days of typewriters (just) when copy was typed in triplicate – one for the news editor, one for the subs and one for the spike!

She moved from reporting to news editing and then sub-editing for regional newspapers, before swapping life as an employee to become a freelance, writing features for national women’s and parenting magazines (a piece on the Bristol couple who ran sex education classes for other adults was a particular favourite!)

Jo fell into PR, as many journalists do, to help a former colleague  who was running the comms team at Great Western Trains – and has never looked back.

As owner of Word Worker,  Jo uses her journalistic skills to draft perfect press releases and create newsworthy PR events to get her clients’ news in front of their audiences, so raising their profile among their potential customers.

Jo is an excellent copywriter, drafting tightly written, punchy text for websites, blogs, social media posts, or sales material – perfectly pitched at the audience, giving clarity and consistency to clients’ messages.

And when Jo is snowed under – as happens from time-to-time – she has carefully-selected, former journalism colleagues she can call on to help out, who have the same high standards and are also working in PR.

For more information about PR and copywriting for your business, please get in touch.